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Evanston Township High School
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about: This is an LJ community created by students for
  • current ETHS students
  • recent grads

  • alumni

  • soon to be ETHS students

  • what to talk about? (Feel free to bitch!)
    some suggestions for posting include but are not limited to:
  • teachers

  • classes/courses

  • homework

  • promote your school club/event/game here!

  • upcoming events (sports, theatre, Homecoming)

  • thoughts about school rules, events, etc

  • when you join... copy and paste this little app into your first post

    Year Graduating & Age:

    Favorite thing about high school:

    Least favorite thing:

    Extracurriculars you're involved in:

    What do you think about the Friday song?

    Favorite teacher/lunchlady/security gaurd/other faculty member:

    Post a pic (if you have one):

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